Nov 29

6fish battles a dementor for the second week in a row, whilst wanderers triumph! 6Fish and muscles fall off the edge of the earth!

It wasn’t the ball rolling, life sucking dementor from last week but rather a different kind of dementor a “Sloth Dementor”. The Sloth Dementor needless to say plays veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly, first looking then lining up then looking again then stepping back then looking then reaching for his beer and then looking again, he lines up the shot and then steps back and looks again before finally pushing a ball towards a hole. But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

As usual we sent in Frank the Zebra to get us an early lead and rather unusually he faltered and was beaten. As the match continued he disappeared to the shops apparently (more to come later).

Our very decent super sub Big Unit stepped up to try and repair the damage and did just that! Nice job Big Unit.

More walking around the table, lining things up, practice strokes, a sip of beer, steps back, steps forward, pauses..

Time to throw Muscles in, the match is tightening up by this point and Muscles showed the way pinching a crucial win.

frank-the-zebra-and-flourMeanwhile Frank the Zebra returns with his shopping which turns out to be some perverted sex thing, a bag of flour apparently makes all the difference and considering the size of the bag he seemed to have high hopes for the near future. He wouldn’t reveal details about how its used and so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Time for 6fish versus the dementors part two. Something of an epic game lasting an hour and a quarter largely due to Sloth Dementor finishes with 6fish swerving to pot his last ball only to somehow have the white ball cross the table and deflect into a hole. Would appreciate not playing a Dementor next week please.

This left the match down to Mr Angry and he dispatched his man comfortably. A good win that gets the team back on track.

A cold wind blew and suddenly Muscles and 6fish where drinking with Antelope and Muttly. A swirling wave of laughter and booze overcame them and the edge of the earth passed underneath them as they flew off into the boozilicious hinterland.