Jan 19

American Pie

ziggyHaving frightened the life out of some poor guy whos back garden we invaded thinking it was the back entrance to the club we were attending we finally reached our destination. The first of the fly boyz stepped up (Zebra) and began to strut his stuff. Mr. Angry said he wasn’t as aroused this week as last and certainly no pre cum was in evidence, despite the funny look on his face. Zebra seemed disappointed but prepared to go on never the less. He dispatched his man with a plomb and all seemed fine at that point.

6fish once again faced his past, a shiny young man fresh to the world without a care in the world (I remember playing pool in those days). 6fish however, is more like Grizzly Adams (RIP Dan) these days and so youth culled age as inevitably it always does. An entertaining match never the less and closer than the score suggested. No blame attached this week though.

The second fly boy (The Toddler) stepped up and despatched his opponent easily. Both fly boys in good form now.

The blame for this weeks defeat falls to Mr Angry and The Scalp Hunter, both out of form and now starting to play bad pool. The Captain would be throwing the hair dryer at them but The Scalp Hunter ‘is’ the captain.

A second defeat in a row and suddenly our hopes of winning the division are in pieces.

Zebra, The Scalp Hunter, 6fish and for a while The Toddler retired to POW to lick their wounds and after a few beers or in 6fish’s case rum and blacks (a suitably old mans drink) defeat was numbed by Pink Floyd and others. There is very little magic left in the pubs of Brighton anymore but the magic still resides in POW thankfully. Amply demonstrated by the wonderous sight of the landlord singing American Pie for what seemed like an hour :-)