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Nov 29

6fish battles a dementor for the second week in a row, whilst wanderers triumph! 6Fish and muscles fall off the edge of the earth!


It wasn’t the ball rolling, life sucking dementor from last week but rather a different kind of dementor a “Sloth Dementor”. The Sloth Dementor needless to say plays veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly, first looking then lining up then looking again then stepping back then looking then reaching for his beer and then looking again, he lines up …

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Nov 22

The Mile Oak Dementor


It’s been a long night already, Mr Angry 2 is last up and he doesn’t know it yet but he’s about to play The Dementor. Break. The Dementor begins the process that defines him, sucking the life out of the game, out of Mr Angry 2 and the pub and its surroundings. Cover the pockets …

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Nov 09

Why I’ve joined the Green Party

I haven’t been a member of a party since the early nineteen eighties when I joined CND, I imagine about the same time as Caroline Lucas did. We were supporting the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp alongside other things but I was too much of an individual to stay a member and so quietly let …

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Nov 08

The stars, the stars aligned

Sometimes, when you’re not looking the stars, they align. All the omens were bad, we had three players and a big unit, we’re talking the Alamo. But, don’t underestimate Big Unit because he produced attack as if out of his pocket suddenly we had attack playing for us. Mr Angry would not be swearing if …

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Nov 01

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh

I send flyboy one on first as usual, he likes it that way (so the ladies tell me), job done, he’ll be fine at the pearly gates, apparently god doesn’t mind if he’s white with black stripes or black with white stripes and since we’re from Brighton, we don’t mind either. To be fair he …

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Oct 31

Brighton 5 v 0 Norwich


You don’t get to see a 5-0 very often in your life and as an Ipswich fan I’ve been lucky to experience that against the old enemy Norwich, 21st February 1998. So to experience it twice was a joy, a spy in the Brighton camp I am never the less a supporter and of course …

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Oct 25

Fly boys break the ground but oldies bring it home.

Once again we’re going to have to carry Mr. Angry, he’s a nice fella (well actually he’s not but we try to pretend) but he can’t play pool for shit and so was the only loser once again. We sent the fly boyz (Zebra and The toddler) in to get us a good start and …

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Aug 28

Georgia O’Keefe – Fiercest of warriors


The Georgia O’Keefe show at Tate Modern is perhaps an alternative view of the most famous female painter in history. Traditionally we think of her as someone who paints flowers, not just flowers of course, they mean much more than that but flowers never the less. This show balances all her styles and subjects on …

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Aug 19

Jazz, Neil Young and Pink Floyd

In my experience there is life and then there is none. This post is about life. A pleasant evening with Ric, first we listened and the subtleties of Jazz washed over us and then we discussed it. Beer and then bourbon helped and then we drank more bourbon and discussed other things and the barman …

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Aug 07

A Perfect Day

2016-08-03 13.01.24

Attending someone’s funeral isn’t usually a good sign if you’re looking to have a perfect day. But this day was the perfect day and the funeral was perfectively part of it. I walked in the sunshine through the sleepy village of Needham Market to the train station heading for my old friends funeral thinking of …

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