Mar 10

Brave warriors win last battle but lose war at Castle

warriorsThe warriors had fought all season against the odds and finally succumbed to defeat last night despite winning the battle of the castle. Top fighting from Bitcoin, The Toddler and Mr. Angry won the day but the war had been lost weeks before.

I’ve been impressed with the team spirit I’ve seen in the second half of this season, despite being battered relentlessly every man stood his ground and fought. My congratulations go to my team mates, you fought well and can hold your heads up high.

Fight on brave wanderers, next years war is winnable and you seem to have learned the skills required to win it.


The castle is on the road to becoming an impressive venue, great tables and new facilities have made it acceptable, but the promised seating would enable it to represent genuine competition for Rileys. I’m given to understand its being run by individuals and if that’s the case then we should all support it and show the corporate what it means to do this stuff well.