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Georgia O’Keefe – Fiercest of warriors


The Georgia O’Keefe show at Tate Modern is perhaps an alternative view of the most famous female painter in history. Traditionally we think of her as someone who paints flowers, not just flowers of course, they mean much more than that but flowers never the less. This show balances all her styles and subjects on …

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Jazz, Neil Young and Pink Floyd

In my experience there is life and then there is none. This post is about life. A pleasant evening with Ric, first we listened and the subtleties of Jazz washed over us and then we discussed it. Beer and then bourbon helped and then we drank more bourbon and discussed other things and the barman …

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A Perfect Day


Attending someone’s funeral isn’t usually a good sign if you’re looking to have a perfect day. But this day was the perfect day and the funeral was perfectively part of it. I walked in the sunshine through the sleepy village of Needham Market to the train station heading for my old friends funeral thinking of …

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Falling down drunk

This ones for Trace. Oh my goodness, its been a lot of years since I was falling down drunk but last night I was falling down drunk! For some reason (nothing to do with the endless Asahi and Jack Daniels Honey shots) my stool just wouldn’t play ball and I couldn’t stay on it! Fortunately …

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The man who decided to paint


(editor) This is not strictly a memory of mine more a short story based on a story told to me recently.   He’d been thinking about it for a while and he had one or two friends who painted so it seemed like quite a good idea. But how to start? 6fish had advised him …

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6fish and Murakami encounter absinthe in Shoreham

And there it goes, the train I’m supposed to be on, happily now jogging along to Brighton. Unfortunately I’m stuck on Shoreham train station now, its late at night and its a half an hour to the next train. Nothing for it but to sit on a seat and wait it out. I have a …

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Steppenwolf reads Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami whilst tribal drinking at Mo Mo’s, on the Road in Suffolk, doing Hastings and Ig & Ms Moon’s wedding.

2015-09-05 14.21.53

Haruki Murakami should always be read on the road and so it was that I began Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage on the train to Suffolk to visit my relatives. I won’t bore you with the full story of that (just some highlights), but every trip to Suffolk begins with a drinking …

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What goes around, comes around


The Invitation More than two years ago now the idea came to me. I was watching a TV programme and a lollypop lady who had been working for 30 years was retiring and so people had put her name forward to attend the Queens Garden Party. It became apparent to me that it was now …

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Bridget Riley at De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

2015-07-03 12.55.44

My first thoughts on Bridget Riley are that she must have the patience of a saint. Her work is effectively ‘technical painting’ and as such must be very time consuming to do and test her patience to the utmost. Because the work is so technical I struggled at first to see past the production process …

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The bitter taste of Wembleys luminous green dildo

2015-05-23 16.38.58

Dildo. There are some people in the world when faced with a question simply retrieve the last thought in their head and respond with that. ‘Chip butty’ is one such person. His assertion that Wembley looks like a dildo (luminous green at night) was at first hard to follow but after much discussion and beer …

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