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Feb 23

The fields of Athenrye

And so the full moon rises and the beautiful lesbians come out to play. Shiny in their youth and fearless love on their breathe, they dance, they sing, they sit on my lap, they dance with old soldiers, age not a question. Songs are sung and there we all are, in the night, walking through …

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Feb 09

Scotch doubles practice still not paying off

The team got together for some Scotch Doubles practice last night. Zebra and 6fish feeling that some of the players in the team not to mention names The Toddler, Scalp Hunter and Mr. Angry have poor position play and would benefit from learning the game. We gave them another lesson in how it is done …

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Jan 26


We’re still a team divided at present but this week 6fish crossed the Rubicon and joined the fly boys to get us the win. Zebra dished out the pain once again and so to 6fish who having got himself into a spot tactically in the first frame played a good shot which turned out to …

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Jan 19

American Pie


Having frightened the life out of some poor guy whos back garden we invaded thinking it was the back entrance to the club we were attending we finally reached our destination. The first of the fly boyz stepped up (Zebra) and began to strut his stuff. Mr. Angry said he wasn’t as aroused this week …

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Jan 12

Wanderers bowled over by cannons

A hard night of pool as the cannons dragged the wanderers back to the pack. The two fly boys (Zebra and The toddler) kept their winning streaks in tact. Zebra in particular had to fight hard to win and did just that. The toddler was too good for his man. So the blame for this …

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Jan 05

Happiness is a warm gun


Happiness is a warm gun and one sits in my flat today having fired successfully last night at a key moment (ooh er), 6fish is back. Zebra finally stumbled last night, too many small mistakes leaving him vulnerable, fortunately 6fish stepped in and made up for it so we were back on track by the …

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Dec 15

What a fantastic table!

Christmas Jumper

There’s no doubt about it, we all loved this table especially Zebra who really seemed to get a kick (up the arse) out of it. The only reason Zebra managed his win this week was because his opponent was so bad he simply couldn’t lose, despite trying desperately hard to do just that. 6fish, played …

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Dec 07

Mr angry shags two pool tables

Oh dear, oh dear, 6fish’s woes continue, two bad shots and two nil defeat. What’s worse is the constant whining about it, he’s starting to wind me up now. Ejut. Mr angry having cocked up his match then sets about shagging every pool table in sight, talk about desperate. Obvs not gettin any at home. …

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Nov 23

Lie still and don’t move


If you meet a bear in the forest lie still and don’t move, at least that’s what they tell you. This was a very different night from last week. Time for serious pool and the whole team fought a fierce fight. Faced with a good team and the chance to push for the top of the table …

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Nov 17

When stars align

Sometimes in life the stars align and something special occurs, tonight was one of those nights. Scalp hunter stepped in for Zebra to try and get us off to a good start and this he duly did. 6fish was then sent into the guns and should have won easily until the winning line flashed in …

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