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Feb 03

Play that funky music white boy

I thought I’d got out but they dragged me back in. Having not touched a cue for six months I found myself playing premiership pool! Harsh. Ok, lets pick the bones out of this mess, Zebra played first and to be honest he had his chances but down in flames he went. On the upside …

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Apr 14

Lots and lots of laughing.

Snooker this evening involved lots and lots of laughing. I think I should say at the outset that I packed my cue away and volunteered to go home before things turned ugly. But no, the zebra insisted we play on and so we did. Fantastically we played doubles at the end of the day to …

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Apr 07

Tough night on the green baize

It was a tough night on the green baize as Zebra came out 4-1 and 6fish 3-2, bitcoin and the man with no name making up the numbers. No big breaks to speak of Zebra and 6fish threatened but faltered at the key moment. Zebra and 6fish had a particularly tough dog fight in their …

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Mar 31

It was not written

There is a moment in Lawrence of Arabia when Lawrence has to shoot a man, it’s a man that he saved from the desert but now must be shot. Finding this out Anthony Quinn says “It was written”. Rather like this I had a moment this evening, except my moment was “it was not written”. …

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Mar 25

Zebra and Bitcoin conspire to maul 6fish on the green baize


In a blatant and obvious conspiracy zebra and bitcoin double teamed 6fish on the green baize last night. They’ll protest that no such conspiracy exists and that I was basically just rubbish, but listeners, we all know that’s not likely right? Shot after shot the zebra with an innocent gazelle like look turned to me …

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Mar 17

Zebra mauled by 6fish and Bitcoin on the green baize!

In what can only be described as a gruesome mauling the zebra was torn apart by the combined force of 6fish and bitcoin on the green baize this evening. 6fish in particular with three frames to his belt tore the zebra apart and the one frame he faltered bitcoin stepped in to feast on the …

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