Mar 03

Comfortably Numb

I… am become, comfortably numb.

This was the night of the great tippy tappy scandal, wars have been fought over less and yes they were right to fight those wars. Mr. Angry was my partner and I can’t take that back. I’ll have to live with the scandal and the shame. Playing Scotch doubles, whilst drinking, at the end of the evening he crossed the rubicon and played, yes, a tippy tappy shot. Brutal in its simplicity and an existential move for sure, he was that determined to survive. Ructions ensued and quite frankly even my masterful and witty pot earlier that had Mr. Angry swearing from the bleaches as I had intended was cast in the shadow of the enormity of the Tippy Tappy shot.

And, of course, evil triumphed, as it always does. Dark clouds descended from on high and consumed our souls as we struggled with the enormity of Mr. Angrys actions. He had sold his soul to the devil and to hell with the world from that point on. No road back for any of us.


Zebras dad brought me around with his rendition of comfortably numb but Bitcoin singing white wedding was a scar on the landscape of the world that cannot be easily washed away, however much Guinness you drink.

It seems irrelevant now but we won tonight, Zebra, Toddler and Bitcoin besting their men, carried us over the line to great and wondrous victory but, who cares, Tippy Tappy gate has scarred us all.

Apparently all of those left at the end of the evening like pussy but to be fair there was some bear baiting going on from the lesbian crew by then so I’m not entirely sure about that.