Mar 15

Emaciated man takes down the zebra as the crack of doom opens up and swallows the wanderers

Doom, doom, doom, the drums beat as they reach their destiny. The toddler steps up and he’s got his luck back from the Zebra. The big eared cunt toddles his way to a win. 6Fish steps up and stumbles as he’s done all season and the moral victory goes to puff the magic dragon. Mr angry (who broke a personal record by being angry before we even got together) rode his luck and put us ahead. Doom, doom, doom, we’ve been here before, the skin and the bones took down the toddler famously in the past and cometh the hour cometh the man, zebra, the best player in the division, stepped up to defend his record. Emaciated man did what he does, slowly casting his spell, like a snake who has hypnotised his victim Zebra couldn’t get away from his gaze. Whichever way he moved emaciated man was there before him, down, down, down he goes. The best player in the division brought to his knees by the superheroe e-man, darkness. Puff the magic dragon then fell at the last to a man who could barely hold his cue and that summed up puffs season. The old boys of the team have some practice to do over the summer.

Mr angry wants to know if she’s a he, this is Brighton, it doesn’t matter. She had a wonderful dress on and that’s good enough for Brighton. Mr Valentine is a little more wasted than usual and sails close to the wind without ever overstepping his mark. Zebras dad Antelope (some dodgy dealings went on there) steps up and has trouble getting his dick out of.. Well you get the idea.

It’s time to go home but as we leave, redemption, in the form of a song, another song of freedom, redemption song.

Its been a good season and we got what we wanted and what we deserved. We get to come back next year and fight for the title again. Never forgetting that it’s the experience and not the outcome that matters.