Oct 25

Fly boys break the ground but oldies bring it home.

Once again we’re going to have to carry Mr. Angry, he’s a nice fella (well actually he’s not but we try to pretend) but he can’t play pool for shit and so was the only loser once again. We sent the fly boyz (Zebra and The toddler) in to get us a good start and they duly obliged 2-0, tactically we knew (thanks to Mr Angry, that they would send their best player in next to keep the game alive and so we decided to sacrifice the magic dragon (he doesn’t puff anymore). Only magic dragon managed to beat his man despite being pissed (it was his 50th birthday) and so game over with two matches to go. Mr angry was cut down by youth just as 6fish has been in recent times. This meant there was one remaining match to play, 6fish lined it up so The Beast could play his first match for the team in many a year but he wasn’t quite ready to fight tooth and nail for glory and so 6fish stepped in. What followed was a lesson in pool, style, panash, joue de vivre, its hard to describe it. For some reason everyone thought I’d won 2-1 (something to do with the awful, grinding nature of my 2-0 win) but no, 6fish brought slaughter to the battlefield and his enemy fell with sword in hand, set to arise in Valhalla and drink with the man who killed him and sent him to the halls of death. A 4-1 win against a very good team, excellent start to the season.

We crossed the rubicon from the castle to POW and immediately the magic was flowing like the blood of life, sustaining us. The beast cursed the world because he had to catch the last bus home and that’s a burden suitable for a beast to bare. 6Fish, magic dragon and the new man who must remain nameless, drank a little and saw magic dragon over the edge into oblivion (happy 50th birthday magic dragon!), Antelope showed us his new dog muttley, a wonderful reason to live, the fluttering ears being his speciality. Antelope told me about his early years (the rock star that he is) and promised me a story about another team member who shall for now remain nameless.

Our shield wall held and no man stepped back, death and glory await!