Jan 05

Happiness is a warm gun

12313785_1013359335393244_6244248205612764169_nHappiness is a warm gun and one sits in my flat today having fired successfully last night at a key moment (ooh er), 6fish is back. Zebra finally stumbled last night, too many small mistakes leaving him vulnerable, fortunately 6fish stepped in and made up for it so we were back on track by the time the lucky big eared toddler twat took to the table. A revenge match against the emaciated man the toddler scraped home after his opponent fell on his sword by potting the black in the middle of the frame. Mr Angry got us over the line nicely (having shagged the table in practice again) and scalp hunter finished off a good night. Kudos to our opponents the old boys who fought hard and deserved more.

We are top the league, say we are top the league!