Mar 03

I’m a lesbian

lesbiansymbolThe lesbian theme from last week continued this week as Mr Angry’s companion confessed to me immediately I started speaking to her that she’s a lesbian. Mr Angry protested but, me thinks he doth protest too much. Frankly the rest of the team can see why she turned, just took one look at Mr Angry and that was that.

The fucking stripey black was also a theme this week with 6fish showing his specialist skill of missing the bloody thing from simple positions. That said we finished the night with a 5-0 as they only had four players. Zebra (with the luck he has stolen from The Toddler), Mr Angry (with smoke coming out of his ears) and The Toddler (with some residual luck left over from the theft of his main supply) got the job done and then 6fish put on a superb display (what do you mean it was shit) to win his match 2-0. Puff the magic dragon was a gent and stood down to allow 6fish to try and catch him in the individual table (after Mr Angry won his game and prevented Puff from catching him) and this battle now goes on to the last day. As does the battle for the top player in the league with two of our lot in contention.

Some scotch doubles was played at the end of the night but no one really dominated.

There was a lot of staring at someones bum but I shall not mention her name.