Mar 31

It was not written


There is a moment in Lawrence of Arabia when Lawrence has to shoot a man, it’s a man that he saved from the desert but now must be shot. Finding this out Anthony Quinn says “It was written”.

Rather like this I had a moment this evening, except my moment was “it was not written”. I innocently went to the bar in the snooker hall to order a round of beers, two pints of Fosters and one of Kronenbourg. This is what followed. To begin with the barmaid served me three pints of Fosters. I corrected her and a Kronenbourg was duly provided. Getting the beer to the snooker table requires carrying three beers, on a tray, up two flights of stairs, with sprung doors in the way. With the tray in one hand and the door opened with the other and then held in place with my foot I was distracted by someone coming down the stairs. I politely said “sorry I’m just trying not to” and then all hell broke loose, three beers sprayed in every direction and I ended up with a tray with three glasses and no beer, “not do that” was my next comment. I did my best to clear up the beer and returned to the bar to tackle the job again. The barmaid this time served me two pints of Fosters and a pint of Cider. Once again I corrected her and Kronenbourg was provided. A kind gentleman assisted me with the door second time around and the round made it to its intended victims. Clearly it was a round that should never have been bought, “it was not written”.

Whilst sober, 6fish managed to steal the first frame, the nazi zebra (no he’s nice really) then brutalised us for two frames, with one break in particular showing exactly how stripy he is. 6fish and the zebra then tussled hard for the last frame but the zebra won the day. I believe Bitcoin was there but to be honest he was over shadowed by 6fish’s beer splaying skills and zebras impressive potting.

Why do I smell like a brewery? Can’t understand it?