Feb 11

Just a Tad Frustrating

Just a tad frustrating that. Bitcoin goes and wins the opening match and we’re playing the best team in the league by a long way. Team hopes rise and who knows we might be able to sneak it. Zebra was not lucky, his opponent on the other hand made the best fluke on a black I’ve seen in years. Playing a thin cut he misses it entirely travels up and down the table and then off the bottom cushion theĀ side he imparted with anger finally takes hold and kicks the white into the black which drifts inexorably into the far corner pocket. Mr Angry fights the good fight but is overcome. The toddler makes up for his sins of the past to win his match but I fall short of the required standard to beat my guy. There are of course recriminations. Clearly the Zebra and the toddler and a drunk bitcoin don’t understand tactics very well since they disagreed with mine in the last frame, talk to the hand boys, talk to the handĀ 

But honestly we pushed hard and could have got the job done, but coulda shoulda woulda doesn’t, it turns out, get the job done.

On the upside I managed to play my new tip in and the cue is now useable again.