Dec 13

Lord 6fish and his earls defeat the old boys at Castle field

fieldThe Field Sparrow awoke to see the dawn slowly rise in the east. He blinked and then began to sing to the sun. The sound of his singing rang across the field and found its way to Lord 6fish, standing on the edge of the field, soon to be a field of battle. Lord 6fish had summoned his earls to the defence of the castle and as he looked across the field and listened to the Field Sparrow his earls arrived, one by one, ready for battle.

A horde of Old Boys had landed on the shore over night and were now marching on the Castle, intent on inflicting a heavy defeat. They appeared on the horizon enveloped in mist and darkness, the lord of Dementors had come, emaciated dementor had terrorised many in the past and his worshipers followed unable to escape his influence. With him came darkness, a mist swirled around him and a cold breeze froze the very air he breathed, rain fell through the mist and the ground froze at his feet.

Lord 6fish set out his battle plans, with so few men, he had to marshall his forces well and began the battle by strengthening his left wing. The old boys clearly hoped to out flank Lord 6fish but he met the threat with Earl Frank of the Zebra on the left. Who, first into battle for his lord, laid waste to the emaciated dementors sneek cavalry attack on the left. No further threat would come from the left that day. Then the emaciated dementor threw in his youngest and best forces to attack down the centre and they wiped out Earl Big Unit before retreating to their lord.

Now came a sudden attack on the right and Lord 6fish had to hurriedly send in Earl Toddler to hold the line and this he did. The Emaciated Dementors forces were beginning to show signs of fatigue at this point and so The Emaciated Dementor himself came forward to do battle and Lord 6fish met his onslaught in the center of the battlefield. Black, cold rain and mist surrounded them as they fought and The Emaciated Dementor struck first wounding Lord 6fish, indeed Lord 6fish was on the brink of defeat when The Emaciated Dementor faltered and Lord 6fish rallied and fought him back. But the darkness came once again and enveloped Lord 6fish and when it passed he was beaten laying on the battlefield for all to see.

As Lord 6fish lay dying on the battlefied he could hear the song of the Field sparrow again and just two feet away he could see its nest surrounded by the dead from the day. As he contemplated his defeat he heard a final cry and saw Earl Muscles crash into the remaining forces of The Emaciated Dementor. They broke under the onslaught and the last sight Lord 6fish saw was Earl muscles routing the enemy from the field. Victory.

Good performance from everyone this week, winners and losers.