Feb 16

*!”$*!”£ lucky *!”£

So Mr angry what did you think of the performance tonight..

*&^%$££ lucky ^&^%$%$£ ^$££” lucky *&*&*^%$%$ $£$£”” *^*^*&^%$ big eared *&&^*&^*^%%$$ lucky &^*&*^$£” lucky &*&*&*&*^$!” !”£!”££!$!% lucky *!”£!

and its fair to say he’s right. The big eared toddler strikes again with his smarmy shuffling around the table hopelessly beaten when Hugo Boss steps up to the table and all he has to do is pot one over the hole and he can’t lose because the black is over the hole but does he? No, he angles himself on the middle pocket. Its not his fault though its the big eared toddler who’s to blame, we don’t know how he does it but he does it!

Bitcoin was average and so lost, Mr angry tried but failed and 6fish played, I’m afraid to say, Championship pool and that combined with a little bad luck (as opposed to the big eared twat toddler) was enough to kill the match.

Oh, the zebra won.

Ok, ok, the manc zebra played superb with a great clearance from a failed break, hammerin his man 2-0.