Jan 26


We’re still a team divided at present but this week 6fish crossed the Rubicon and joined the fly boys to get us the win. Zebra dished out the pain once again and so to 6fish who having got himself into a spot tactically in the first frame played a good shot which turned out to be a dream shot. Having won the frame from it he then made a good clearance to win 2-0. His opponent was a gentleman and his quality will be known¬†among his enemies before ever he meets them.

But what about Mr. Angry I here you cry? Was he as bad this week as last? The toddler certainly thought so! In all honesty the match swung on a couple of shots and could have gone either way.

The lucky (more luck this week) toddler stepped up and boom, the match was won. Scalp hunter played a little better this week but lacked that killer instinct needed to take his man down.

Zebra and 6fish then taught the toddler and scalp hunter how to play scotch doubles. They didn’t really get it.