Feb 09

Melted cheese hotdog

Well a rare treat today, melted cheese hotdog, so funny to compare with the food from The Hartington which is the best in the league.

To be fair we’re all to blame for tonights 5-0 battering although that’s not quite as bad as it seems. Three of us took a frame off his man and could have won, if there is individual blame to assign its Zebra and Bitcoins and that’s who we decided to blame, mostly Zebra, cos his game actually counted whereas Bitcoins didn’t matter as we’d lost by then. The toddler put up a fight and could have won, Mr Angry put up a fight and also could have won and I’ll be honest, I’m happy to have taken a frame off one of the best players in the league and take him down the eighteenth on the last frame.

I’ve decided for the future that I need a poncho as that looks cool when you play pool. Its a little impractical, but hey, who cares.