Feb 09

Scotch doubles practice still not paying off

ErnieThe team got together for some Scotch Doubles practice last night. Zebra and 6fish feeling that some of the players in the team not to mention names The Toddler, Scalp Hunter and Mr. Angry have poor position play and would benefit from learning the game. We gave them another lesson in how it is done and were hoping to see some progress from them this week, but sadly, no progress has been made. Although individually these weak players in the squad have some skills, they all show a very poor ability to play position play and as a consequence this is holding them back on match days. However we’re determined to bring these players up to standard and will persist with teaching them the game until they start to show some decent position play.

Three nobheads, a fly boy and a poor pool player

Zebra the fly boy strutted his stuff again this week and is now our only fly boy, the other one joined the nobheads this week. Zebra having given us an early lead 6fish stepped up and grabbed the first frame in his match. He was then gifted the second frame from the break off, all he had to do was concentrate and the job would be done. Unfortunately he chose to make a jest, not concentrate and cocked it up instantly. An unforgiveable mistake. Despite this he still had chances in the third frame but the damage was done and defeat beckoned. Our poorest player, Mr. Angry, then stepped up and as usual didn’t play to his potential, the difference being that he stole The Toddlers luck in the car on the way over (this would have consequences later). He sneeked a win. What? He actually played well this week? No, doesn’t sound likely to me. Poor player, poor player. Scalp hunter then carefully placed himself in the way of harm to help the team and proceeded to play badly as he has done for a few weeks now. Over hitting shots, lack of position play and generally scrappy form. We suggest he takes up Yoga and reads Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance to get his head together. Up stepped the third nobhead (The Toddler) who I’m afraid came a cropper having had his usual luck stolen from him by Mr. Angry.

With that the teams season is over apart from fly boy who could still win individual honour thanks to 6fish sneeking a frame.