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Aug 02

What goes around, comes around

2015-08-02 13.51.40

The Invitation More than two years ago now the idea came to me. I was watching a TV programme and a lollypop lady who had been working for 30 years was retiring and so people had put her name forward to attend the Queens Garden Party. It became apparent to me that it was now …

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May 24

The bitter taste of Wembleys luminous green dildo

Dildo. There are some people in the world when faced with a question simply retrieve the last thought in their head and respond with that. ‘Chip butty’ is one such person. His assertion that Wembley looks like a dildo (luminous green at night) was at first hard to follow but after much discussion and beer …

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Aug 05

69 gays in Brighton

There are only so many questions one person can answer in a day and I went waaaay past what is reasonable today. As soon as I saw beer I managed to stop caring, and the JD blanked my mind snip snap. Highlights were the northerner saying ‘The gay’, wonderfully innocent like in Brighton, and the …

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Mar 31

It was not written

There is a moment in Lawrence of Arabia when Lawrence has to shoot a man, it’s a man that he saved from the desert but now must be shot. Finding this out Anthony Quinn says “It was written”. Rather like this I had a moment this evening, except my moment was “it was not written”. …

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