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Nov 29

6fish battles a dementor for the second week in a row, whilst wanderers triumph! 6Fish and muscles fall off the edge of the earth!


It wasn’t the ball rolling, life sucking dementor from last week but rather a different kind of dementor a “Sloth Dementor”. The Sloth Dementor needless to say plays veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly, first looking then lining up then looking again then stepping back then looking then reaching for his beer and then looking again, he lines up …

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Nov 08

The stars, the stars aligned

Sometimes, when you’re not looking the stars, they align. All the omens were bad, we had three players and a big unit, we’re talking the Alamo. But, don’t underestimate Big Unit because he produced attack as if out of his pocket suddenly we had attack playing for us. Mr Angry would not be swearing if …

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Nov 17

When stars align

Sometimes in life the stars align and something special occurs, tonight was one of those nights. Scalp hunter stepped in for Zebra to try and get us off to a good start and this he duly did. 6fish was then sent into the guns and should have won easily until the winning line flashed in …

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Feb 23

Two shots 6fish


Well we were soundly beaten once again and realistically no one was to blame really. Bitcoin played a nice defensive frame to get himself into a winning spot and then promptly cocked it up. Mr. Angry was bored to death by his snooker playing opponent. Big unit stepped in on short notice and made a …

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