Feb 23

The fields of Athenrye

And so the full moon rises and the beautiful lesbians come out to play. Shiny in their youth and fearless love on their breathe, they dance, they sing, they sit on my lap, they dance with old soldiers, age not a question. Songs are sung and there we all are, in the night, walking through the The Fields of Athenry. Sweet Georgia Brown rocks the place, Ella whispering in everyones ear, I know, she doesn’t do whispering but that’s how it feels, not how it sounds.

And all the time Amy, dear lost Amy, waits in the wings until the lesbians bring her to the party and burn up the place. I close my eyes and with my left hand I choose a ticket and so it goes, eighty five, my number is up, I throw the ticket away but there’s no fighting it. I play the game and fun is had but the baked beans don’t come home with me. Time for more JD and coke, maybe the world will make sense after one more. Just one more.

There had been hard fighting in the trenches before everything went all Jack Kerouac. Zebra played badly (almost as badly as Mr Angry plays, but not quite), he still won, he always does. 6Fish fell into the depths of pool despair, falling, darkness, all the way to Back to Black. Mr Angry played badly again, I’m not sure how his match ended. Puff the magic dragon took my hand and fell all the way back to black, finishing in the warm glow of Baileys no less. The toddler seemed to win and we seemed to win somehow. The toddler came to the magic ballroom and saw the light that shines there, it burned too brightly and he ran for cover with computer in his arms before the lesbians burned a hole in our hearts and everyone else shone, brightly, in the Brighton way.

You should be stronger than me.