Nov 22

The Mile Oak Dementor

frankIt’s been a long night already, Mr Angry 2 is last up and he doesn’t know it yet but he’s about to play The Dementor. Break. The Dementor begins the process that defines him, sucking the life out of the game, out of Mr Angry 2 and the pub and its surroundings. Cover the pockets is his game and relentlessly he does just that. Never attempting to pot a ball unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But, I’m ahead of myself, the evening started so well. The Toddler confirmed that he is indead going to have a Tiddler. We’re still not convinced that this isn’t just a sham to cover his gayness but we’ll say no more about that. Sadly this means the end of The Toddler as a force for the team but hopefully he’ll put in the odd guest appearance when needed in the future.

The Dementor rolls another ball over the hole.

We send in Frank.. I mean the zebra as usual and as usual he comes up with the goods after a little bit of a struggle.

Ball, hole, role over, The Dementor, life being sucked out of us.

Next up is Muscles but this is not his day and after such a good start to the season he finally falters.

More ball rolling over holes.

Bravely Mr Angry stepped up and took on their best player, but the gods were not with him and he fell.

The ball could feel itself rolling and it wondered where it might finish up, when it finally stopped it opened its eyes and found itself blocking some kind of hole.

Time for The Toddler to make his final official appearance with the game in the balance we needed him to win and he didn’t let us down. It’s going down to the decider.

Mr Angry 2, steps up, still reasonably bright eyed and bushy tailed and breaks the balls. He’d wish he hadn’t soon enough. The old style of pool, blocking pockets until you’re certain to be able to clear up is supposed to be in the past but The Dementor of Mile Oak proves there are still corners of the County where dark figures lurk that can suck the life out of you and the game.