Nov 08

The stars, the stars aligned

Sometimes, when you’re not looking the stars, they align. All the omens were bad, we had three players and a big unit, we’re talking the Alamo. But, don’t underestimate Big Unit because he produced attack as if out of his pocket suddenly we had attack playing for us. Mr Angry would not be swearing if he saw him play, no sir, he’d have loved that relentless attack at all costs, no holds barred, attack. But I’m getting ahead of myself, the quality in the team showed up when those with lesser characters faltered. The three stood firm, on foreign fields, shield next to shield and fought for honour and glory. First, our only fly boy (The toddler is having trouble getting it up and Mr Angry is bottom of the individual league so inconsolable) Zebra, used all the luck we had and scraped home once again. I threw big unit in at this point and he fought hard but was slain at the last minute. I then chucked attack into the fray and he attacked, relentlessly without thought and blind to Mr angry’s spirit cursing his very existence. We lead. Time to throw in our new star player Muscles (aka puff the magic dragon). He was too good and the job was done. 6Fish, plays the last game and despite his opponent being unbearably classy he grinds her down and casts the dust to the wind. We don’t know how we found five players, much less won 4-1 but the stars, they aligned.

A little more beer/bourbon smoothed out the edges and there we are, winners once again.