Mar 04

The zebra strikes again

zebra 2


The zebra strikes again! Three weeks in a row now the zebra has come up with the goods and the snooker practice clearly is working for him.

Bitcoin, who clearly needs to change his stance failed to realise this and lost but Mr. Angry is on the case and he’s now working on it. We don’t know where he’s gonna put his cock and balls yet but personally I think a little basket hanging from his waist should do the trick fine.

Mr Angry lost again I’m afraid and faced the ignominy of having his opponent double the deciding black just for fun! Looking at his play this week he was clearly still suffering the after affects from his cramp last week. A pale shadow of the man who signed for us at the start of the season for a bag of pear drops!

And so we come to the lucky toddler. He of course cast his spell on his opponent who without really knowing why or how managed to fall on his own sword to allow the toddler to win. I’m quoting here “he could fall in a barrel of cocks and come up with his thumb in his mouth”.

This all left me with a very tough match to win to bring the victory home and of course I played out of my skin against their best player :-) (waddayameanhescrap?) to get the job done. When the going gets tough the tough get going!

The toddler and I are now happy we’ve got to the bottom of the flashing light and we can now move on to the next baffling aspect of our lives.