Apr 07

Tough night on the green baize

It was a tough night on the green baize as Zebra came out 4-1 and 6fish 3-2, bitcoin and the man with no name making up the numbers. No big breaks to speak of Zebra and 6fish threatened but faltered at the key moment. Zebra and 6fish had a particularly tough dog fight in their first frame with 6fish taking it on the black. Zebra took the second a little more comfortably although still only in the colours. The man with no name struggled having not played for many years but did impress with a very nice Masse shot to get out of a particularily devilish snooker set by 6fish.

Playing five frames of singles snooker is exercise, don’t let anyone think otherwise, feel like I’ve completed two Yoga classes.

New Cue held up and its nice to have the extra length (ooh er).

No beer was spilt.