Jan 12

Wanderers bowled over by cannons

A hard night of pool as the cannons dragged the wanderers back to the pack. The two fly boys (Zebra and The toddler) kept their winning streaks in tact. Zebra in particular had to fight hard to win and did just that. The toddler was too good for his man. So the blame for this fiasco goes to the rest of the team I’m afraid. Sinfully 6fish blew an excellent chance to win, failing to screw back far enough and this turned out to be critical because both Mr Angry and Scalp Hunter failed to reach their usual standard. We were a team of two halves with 6fish in the middle and that one shot decided the night in the Cannons favour. Such is the case in tight matches and this time we just fell short.

Mr Angry got very excited by Zebra’s match to the point that a little pre-cum apparently leaked. But unfortunately that was the only joy to be had.

Late news: Apparently there was a little contretemps at the end of the evening and a degree of swearing was involved, our spies confirm Mr. Angry using this kind of language, “Fucking spotty white”…..”Fucking stripey black”.