Dec 06

WARNING!: Contains extreme, abusive language punctuated by Surreal avant garde writing!

id_027_webThe hairdryer was having a pleasant dream, he’d been asleep for a couple of hours and he’d just got to the good bit. A tall leggy blonde was having a shower, she’d finished and after she’d dried herself down with a towel in front of him she reached out and grabbed hold of him. He was expecting to just do the usual hairdrying thing and so prepared himself to get turned on, but no, not this time, this time he was brought down low and he suddenly realised he was about to be a very lucky hairdryer. The blond turned him on and he blew and blew as hard as he could.. Woah, he suddenly awoke and found himself flying throught the air, oddly still heading in the direction of a cunt but this time it was the fucking useless cunt called Frank the cunt Zebra who like a twat had just played the worst fucking useless pile of shit pool you’ve ever seen in your life only to win for fuck sake!

This was followed by (author pauses, he’s a big man and is still new to the team, deep breathe, don’t hurt me dude) our big cunt who steps up and promptly loses. Cunt.

1-1, so we send in the cunts muscles, he literally twats around and by some fucking miracle wins, the cunt.

2-1, time to send in the old cunt, fucking useless, hardly worthy of being called a cunt.

2-2 time for a bit of angry cunt, he takes it all the way. I mean he takes it all the way to the last frame, the cunt, fucking useless tosser. But by some goddam miracle he wins the game and the cunts have prevailed for another week.

The whole fucking team are a useless bunch of cunts and all the bastards who didn’t show up are cunts too. You’re all fucking cunting wankers, shitting fucking time wasting parasitical bastards who look like cunts, smell like cunts and act like cunts.