Feb 17

Wasters let down geniuses but hot dog saves the day

A familiar scenario I’m afraid, the two geniuses of the team let down by a bunch of wasters, tsk tsk. Zebra met his match this week and despite a valiant struggle he was overcome by superior opposition. Mr. Angry flattered to deceive and was also overcome. He did however manage to get the crazy shot of the night award having miscued and swerved the white into the middle blocked by his own ball, genius. The Toddler strutted his stuff and dispatched his opponent who as usual impressed us with his unique style. I stepped in and managed to overcome my opponent leaving the match tied with Bitcoin to go. He made an effort but the match was lost on the final frame. The main thing was that I caught Mr Angry in the matches lost and won table and this should fire him up for next week. He spouted foul air all night in protest but you can fart all you like it doesn’t win matches Mr. Angry! The driving from the Toddler home was a story in itself and the council conspired to add to the humour by digging up the roads in front of us. Its a small thing but a hot dog every once in a while makes the world seem a better place.