Dec 15

What a fantastic table!

Christmas JumperThere’s no doubt about it, we all loved this table especially Zebra who really seemed to get a kick (up the arse) out of it. The only reason Zebra managed his win this week was because his opponent was so bad he simply couldn’t lose, despite trying desperately hard to do just that. 6fish, played poor but battled and having scraped home in the second frame pulled himself together in the third to pick up another win. The weeks looooseeeer was scalp hunter who was scalped himself. Mr Angry got the job done and The lucky toddler completed what turned out to be a good win. The real winner was the table though which dumb founded all players on both sides frankly.

Mr angry seemed to think that Zebras opponent thoroughly deserved to win his match and was darned unlucky not to do so. At least I think that’s what all the swearing on the back seat was about.

Never seen a pool team dare to all play in Christmas jumpers complete with flashing lights and quite frankly I hope I never will again.

Oooh, my head hurts.