Nov 17

When stars align

Sometimes in life the stars align and something special occurs, tonight was one of those nights.

Scalp hunter stepped in for Zebra to try and get us off to a good start and this he duly did. 6fish was then sent into the guns and should have won easily until the winning line flashed in front of his eyes and boom the black was missed and it was all square, but for the first time this season he rallied and clawed his way over the line. In stepped big unit to see if he could secure the win early and this he comfortably did. With Mr. Angry also winning it was a comfortable night for the team, 4-1.

But wait I hear you cry, why did the stars align? Well that was down to the toddler, on a night when everybody won he lost and so the torment began. The sweetest moment came when he was partnered with his opponentĀ for a game of scotch doubles (his own team not wishing to play with a loser) and gently tried to advise his partner (who had crushed him) what shots to play. His partner wasn’t able to comprehend his instructions making his loss to him even worse. I’ve seen this happen to the toddler once before (in the branch a few seasons ago) and its like watching a train wreck in slow motion, there was nothing to do but watch the horror unfold. Is he past his best? Time to retire? Well based on this evidence perhaps so. He’s fortunate the big unit can’t make it next week or we surely would have been obliged to drop him :-)

The horror.