Mar 25

Zebra and Bitcoin conspire to maul 6fish on the green baize

zebraandhimmlerIn a blatant and obvious conspiracy zebra and bitcoin double teamed 6fish on the green baize last night. They’ll protest that no such conspiracy exists and that I was basically just rubbish, but listeners, we all know that’s not likely right? Shot after shot the zebra with an innocent gazelle like look turned to me and said, I’m trying, really. All the time handing points in a bucket to bitcoin merely to scupper my chances of winning the frame. But it was obvious to me behind that doe eyed stare was the cold hard steel found in zebras hero Heinrich Himmler (I have photographic evidence of his idolatry but choose not to use it, ah what the hell see the picture for yourself). Be careful when choosing your friends people, you just never know what’s behind that innocent looking ‘mate’ of yours. I’m not bitter, just because I didn’t manage to win a frame, sob, no really, sob, I’m fine.