The man who decided to paint

(editor) This is not strictly a memory of mine more a short story based on a story told to me recently.


12046659_10153265306487872_3333843375679983499_nHe’d been thinking about it for a while and he had one or two friends who painted so it seemed like quite a good idea. But how to start?

6fish had advised him to buy a good easel and go from there and so one day he did just that. The day finally came and the easel arrived. He manoeuvred it into position and paused, now what?

I’m going to need some paint and brushes he thought and so he bought those too. But where to put them? I’m going to need a table to go next to the easel. Before too long the table appeared.

I’m going to need a chair too he thought. A chair was found.

After a while he decided the easel needed waxing and so a few hours later it was indeed waxed, ready to go. Along with the table and the chair.

Slight problem, the carpet below the easel is white, not good for painting. What I need is a rug! And so, before too long, a rug arrived. Ah, now I can paint.

Wait, I need a palette to mix my paint on. Before too long the palette arrived. Now to paint.

Hmm, I don’t have anything to paint on, I need some canvas. The canvas arrives and now to paint!

I need a colour chart to tell me which colours to use where. Colour chart made, it was finally time to paint!

What should I paint? Should I practice formal styles from say a still life? Or should I just paint from my heart, whatever comes out?

I’ll paint whatever comes out. I’m going to start painting whatever comes to me.

I don’t know what to paint.