An accidental tourist in Brighton

It all started with a routine trip to see the nurse at my doctors practice (nothing exciting just an annual check up). She greeted me with her shocking pink hair and it was immediately a very Brighton moment, pride is approaching so I expect she’d had it done for that (its not normally pink). She gave me a good report and suddenly I was out in the sunshine and had a couple of hours to spare. I had an event to attend nearby and so it was not worth returning home, time to visit one or two old haunts.

2019-07-03 16.27.332019-07-03 16.27.44First stop was coffee at Small Batch Coffee on Seven Dials. Haven’t been there for quite some time and so this was a chance to update my mental database about locations in Brighton a little. It was too hot to sit inside and although it was too hot for me outside also there was at least some air so outside it was. As soon as I sat down with my white Americano and took a look around me I had the feeling of being an accidental tourist. I cross Seven dials on a regular basis, indeed Seven Dials used to be my base in Brighton when I first moved here and so I’m not used to sitting down there and looking around I’m usually busy doing something or passing through on the way to doing something. It is of course full of memories for me and staring me right in the face was a big one. The large tree on Seven Dials was almost lost a few years ago because of an arbitrary decision by the Green Council (shocking) at the time. A friend of mine Millie Ferguson fought to save it and with the help of many others did just that. Ever since I’ve thought of it as her tree and what a beauty it is. A nice coffee and people watch and it felt like time to move on, I’m thinking chips at this point.

2019-07-03 17.21.492019-07-03 17.07.592019-07-03 17.05.32I walked down the hill to London road trying to think of a suitable place to eat, nothing suitable by the time I reached Preston Circus and so I turned right and started walking into town. Suddenly I recall the solution to my problem, one of the best fish and chip shops in town. But, is it still there? I haven’t been to Bardsley’s for many years (used to go regularly at one time). I walk up Baker Street with trepidation hoping my fears are wrong and that it is still there. Phew, very much still there and that makes me happy. I decide to sit down and spend a little time to see how things are with Bardsley’s. First thing to note is that they have a wine list! Shock horror. The times they are indeed a changin. I’m very happy to report that despite a recent change of ownership the food was excellent and the service too, don’t change anything guys its a winning formula, nice to see you still there.

2019-07-03 18.24.072019-07-03 17.37.58Time now to step across London Road and walk up to New England House. I worked in this building for many years and amusingly I find myself visiting my old office space when I attend Fusebox events these days. However before reaching New England House I encounter some interesting graffiti and so take a shot whilst trying to dodge a woman trying to park her car in a tight space.

I’m attending a Fusebox VR/XR event discussing the use of XR in marketing and a free beer at this point is a welcome follow up to my meal. I’ll not review this event here as you can find a full review on the Two Patch Pirates website. A couple of interesting speakers and a bit of networking before setting off for home.

2019-07-03 22.02.432019-07-03 21.56.382019-07-03 21.10.542019-07-03 20.05.22On the way back home I pass The Prince Albert and admire the mural but no beer this time. As I walk across Churchill Square I sense I’m going to get drawn into my local for a beer and sure enough before I know it I’m sitting at the bar of The Prince of Wales (POW to its friends) with Trace and Aron (the landlords). Its strangely quiet (there’s usually more noise) until I realise it’s quiz night, a new innovation for POW but nice to see it working. If you have a team pop along. Quiz master David (sorry David picture came out all arty) runs a good quiz and has done for years. I settle at the bar and get shanghaied into helping the bar team (not smart on their part as I’m poor at pub quiz’s, poor memory). A good craic with the guys as usual and their superior music knowledge earned them some gold stars! Not winners but respectable performance.

I start to tire and so its time to go home and get some sleep. A good day.