Escaping the world

A nurse drained all my blood away today (well it felt like that). She complimented me on my improved blood pressure (unusual apparently) and said I could have coffee and breakfast now. I decided to take her literally.

I walked down to The Mad Hatter in the sunshine and quickly found myself standing at the counter ordering a flat white and a croissant (ok, two croissants). I tried sitting inside on the little stools at the window but frankly they’re too uncomfortable and horribly fixed to the floor (dump them guys). So I moved outside and sat alongside all the other guys out there (not sure where all the women were but presumably working :-).

Before I knew it I had escaped the world. All I needed to do was watch it go by and so I did. The highlights were the elderly gentleman running (kinda) across the road in pink braces to keep his trousers up, the girl with bright yellow/pink trainers, the number of Chelsea tractors on the road, the improved standard of design on the side of vans and lorries these days and the ironic site of multiple Waitrose vans passing by the Waitrose supermarket extolling the virtues of shopping online.

I used to escape the world everyday when I was a student, I’d sit there reading about existentialism and nihilism. In the end settling on Simone de Beauvoirs flavour of existentialism whilst gently nudging aside the nihilism.

An hour passed along with a second cup of coffee and then as if waking from a sleep it became apparent I was still in the world and so needed to cross the road and get going. If I could do that everyday I would and I have decided to make that my goal as time passes by.