Why I’ve joined the Green Party

I haven’t been a member of a party since the early nineteen eighties when I joined CND, I imagine about the same time as Caroline Lucas did. We were supporting the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp alongside other things but I was too much of an individual to stay a member and so quietly let it lapse. I’m still too much of an individual to join a party but ‘the times they are a changin’ and so today seems like the right day to throw my hat in the ring. In recent years I’ve tried to prioritise my politics towards the environment and sustainability (I’m not very good at it personally but all of you should do it (see, too individual)) before other issues and as a result have been voting for the greens for a number of years having been a Labour supporter (though not a member of course) previously. I’m very lucky to live in the one place in the country where my vote can actually elect a green MP (Brighton) and I’m happy to continue to do that. I’ve joined the party because it is time for all those on the left to unite. I want a world were we have a living wage, a sustainable planet based on renewable energy and public services restored to the public for the common good. I’m not much of a political force but you’re welcome to my hat greens.